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Delicious Purdy

So apparently there's a book of James Purdy's selected plays coming out in April. Holy shit but does that make me happy. I mean, I thought we'd seen the last of any Purdy related material with Moe's Villa, but some kind soul in the publishing industry has managed to scrape this together. Unfortunately, A Day After the Fair isn't included, but, to my utter surprise and delight, Ruthanna Elder is. I didn't even know Purdy had made it into a play! This should be really good, and a welcome respite from all the dull reading I've had to endure for school lately. Now if only Donaldson would come out with the next Covenant book . . .
My invaluable dictionary

Reading list for the coming year

I just recently discovered that Ursula K. LeGuin, whose Earthsea books I've loved for years, has written two more for the cycle. I'm definitely going to need to check up on those.

Also, let's see if I manage to find enough time to read Lyra's Oxford and Once Upon a Time in the North. Maybe we can expect Book of Dust this year, hopefully? Patience has unfortunately never been my strongest point.

Setsuna: Si vous plait

In defense of School Days

Posting this because I'm rather embarassed over my love for this series, and because I'm probably reading far too much into what is actually a very simple story. Regardless, I needed to organize my thoughts over this train-wreck and why I love it so.


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Far too long, and rambling in parts, but at least it's semi-coherent. Maybe I should have mentioned it's based on an ero-game? Yeah, because fan-service anime based on hentai are chock-full of depth.  So embarassing. But if it manages to convert anyone to the  fandom, its purpose would have been more than served XD